Adult Psyllid Transcriptome Data Immature

As a public service to the biological research community, these data are being made available by the sequence producers before assembly and before scientific publication. Once deposited, but prior to the publication of the complete sequence of the relevant genome, the data are available to all as follows:

  1. The data may be freely downloaded by all users, for use in all types of analyses (with the single exception described in item 4).
  2. The data may be repackaged in other databases, provided that appropriate acknowledgement is given.
  3. Users are free to use the data for publication in scientific papers analyzing particular genes and regions; the source of the DNA sequence data should be appropriately acknowledged.
  4. The producing laboratories intend to publish the sequence of the genome and certain large-scale analyses of the sequence in a timely manner upon the completion of sequence data acquisition. Therefore, the sole exception to the unrestricted use of these unpublished data is that the data may not be used for the initial publication of the complete genome sequence assembly or other large-scale analyses. In this context, "large-scale" refers to regions the size of the whole genome or individual chromosomes and examples of "large-scale analyses" include identification of regions of evolutionary conservation across an entire genome and identification of complete sets of genomic features such as genes, repeat structures, GC content, etc. The producing laboratories will, however, be open to the possibility of collaboration on such assemblies or analyses."
  5. Any redistribution of the data should carry this notice.

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Funding for these datasets was provided by the Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) and the Florida Citrus Advanced Technology Program.