Asian Citrus Psyllid
Adult Asian Citrus Psyllid Immature
CRDF | RNAi challenge
This work is a collaboration between the University of Arizona (Brown and Soderlund), Washington State University (Gang), and the University of Florida (Stansly and Roberts).

Funding: The Citrus Advanced Technology Program: The citrus psyllid transcriptome and time course differential gene expression in Ca. Liberibacter-infected/free whole psyllids and organs.

Illumina Sequencing

TW Fisher, M Vyas, R He, W Nelson, JM Cicero, M Willer, R Kim, R Kramer, GA May, JA Crow, CA Soderlund, DR Gang and JK Brown (2014) Comparison of Potato and Asian Citrus Psyllid Adult and Nymph Transcriptomes Identified Vector Transcripts with Potential Involvement in Circulative, Propagative Liberibacter Transmission. Pathogens 3(4), 875-907; doi:10.3390/pathogens3040875. Link

ACPPoP - download the published transcriptomes or view the database using the TCW applet (ref #1).

Sanger EST and 454 Sequencing

  • The Sanger ESTs (ref #2) were contributed by Dr. Wayne Hunter (USDA Lab, ARF, Ft Pierce FL). Funded in part by the 'Florida Citrus Production, Research Advisory Council'
  • The 454 libraries (whole body and gut) were sequenced by the UA Core Facility UAGC.
  • The assembly and annotation was performed by PAVE (ref #3).
  • ACP 454 has been annotated with the July 2010 release of UniProt, as well as NCBI nt from the same time.
  • ACP Sanger has been annotated with the Feb 2011 UniProt, invertebrate division only. Full UniProt annotation plus nt is in progress.
  • ACP 454 unassembled reads can be downloaded here. Note: 158MB download; right-click and save-as.
Assembly Type#ESTs#Buried#Contigs#Singles w/ UniProtBrowse
Sanger19,4369.3391,7524,49840% ACP Sanger
454 663,88675%18,99859,00229% ACP 454


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